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A Salvage car auction offers cars that have been collected by salvage pools from insurance companies in order to be sold in their damaged condition. Normally you can acquire these vehicles 20% to 50% cheaper than retail prices.   Salvage car auction have absolutely nothing to do with the normal auctions – public, government or wholesale.

Cars being sold at a salvage car auction are usually damaged to an extent that a non-professional car buyer cannot properly asses.  It is strongly recommended that only experienced professionals buy from these auctions and if you are not one, consult with a automotive professional prior to bidding on SalvageWorldAuctions.com.  A car might look in good condition, however these vehicles have typically suffered extensive damage and insurance companies have “totaled” the car and paid out for this loss to their customer.

Laws regarding salvage cars vary from state to state. A reconstructed salvage car is worth less than a comparable clean titled car and insurance will likely pay you less for it if it's totaled again. 

Prior to bidding or purchasing a Salvage car you should do the following:
* Contact your State's DMV to find out what requirements are to register a salvage car in your state
* Contact your mechanic or body shop to discuss possible costs associated with rebuilding a salvage car
* Research what a comparable clean title car would cost you to make sure you do not over pay for a salvage ca

Salvage-world.net Recommends that you use the following resources to research your salvage car:





Salvage Re-built cars are not typically preferred by insurance companies or banks and the salvage record will always remain in the vehicles history. In addition, the manufacturers warranty may have been voided after it has been totaled by an insurance company.  SALVAGE VEHICLES ARE USUALLY COVERED UP TO 80% OF THEIR BLUE BOOK VALUES IF THEY ARE TOTALED FOR A SECOND TIME.

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