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April 12, 2017


April 02, 2017

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Fast-paced live auctions

At the auction site, Salvage Worlds Ringman and Auctioneer highlight vehicle features to create enthusiasm and healthy competition among live and live-online buyers. They work quickly to give buyers more vehicles to choose from, shortening cycle time for sellers. Nearly 45 percent of Salvage World Auctions vehicles sold are purchased by live buyers, who are a vital part of the Salvage World auction experience.



The Auctioneer conducts the auction, generates enthusiasm around each vehicle, and builds trusting relationships with buyers.


The Ringman supports the auctioneer by monitoring bids from live buyers and highlighting key features of each vehicle to showcase its full value.




Auction Clerk

The Auction Clerk represents live-online bidders using I-Bid LiveSM, and signals to the Auctioneer when new high bid is mad



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