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Why Buy a Salvaged Vehicle Instead of a Used Vehicle?

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March 29, 2016

Without question, purchasing a used vehicle has some pros. Not only is the price more affordable than a new model, but ownership costs like collision insurance and taxes are lower as well.

But buying a used vehicle is an exercise in finding the right balance of value and risk. However, salvaged vehicle purchases have unique bonuses that outweigh used car gambles.

salvaged vehicles, pros of salvaged vehicles, salvaged carsSo, why should you choose a salvage vehicle over a used car? Consider these following factors:

Expert Engagement

Salvaged vehicle dealers eliminate the “middleman” associated with used car purchases. Traditional used car dealerships boast sales teams reliant on commissions.

Salvaged vehicle brokers such as Salvage World specialize in customer satisfaction—they do the dirty work by handpicking quality salvage or clean title repairables. Through Salvage World, buyers—just like you—purchase salvage vehicles directly from the source. No middlemen, no pressure.





Many salvaged vehicles are actually in pretty good shape. Insurance companies total vehicles for numerous reasons, like the need to settle claims quickly or to recover losses on thefts.

Prospective buyers can also purchase bank repossessed salvaged vehicles, or even find clean-title vehicles with no damage. These near-mint-condition salvaged vehicles run just as well as their used counterparts. The best part: you can easily find newer makes.

Advantages associated with used car purchases are generally applicable to older vehicles. Even here, we see serious drawbacks, such as constant maintenance and repair needs. Buying an older, used car means you won’t have the latest safety features, either.


The most obvious benefit of salvaged car purchases is their affordability. Brokers sell these vehicles for a fraction of the cost of the same used vehicle. Often, dealers offer salvaged vehicles for as little as 20 or 30 cents on the dollar—sometimes even less. Even if a salvaged vehicle requires some repair, overall the vehicle costs much less than an identical make and model used car.

Don’t take a chance on a possible used car lemon. Instead, your dollars will go further when buying a salvaged car rather than a used one.


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